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Nobody does online giving like NCS Services. Where others simply process payments, NCS Services provides all of its customers with a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager whose sole focus is to help increase donations. Our nearly one hundred years of experience serving the church, school and non-profit marketplace makes us stand head and shoulders above the competition. Do not settle for an online payment processor. Join NCS Services and begin a lasting and fulfilling relationship with an individual who knows your name when you call. Our fantastic products and low prices will satisfy your e-Giving needs, but our dedicated customer service will blow you away. Find out how we can help your church, school or nonprofit organization and begin seeing why people continue to choose NCS Services as their all-encompassing giving solution. 

We mean it when we say that with NCS Services, there are no hidden cost, fees or start-up costs. Contact us today and collect your first online giving payment tomorrow. A $100 donation using a Visa, Discover or MasterCard will cost you at most $3.25 with us. We do not charge hidden fees, and there is no monthly minimum. Furthermore, you will receive the total $100 in your bank account, making it easy to accurately report your members’ donations at the end of the year.

NCS Services requires no merchant account to get started. So you will not have to contend with an expensive and lengthy process before getting started. Not only does this save you the headache of signing up, but it takes security concerns out of your hands and puts it into ours. This is demonstrated by our PCI Level One Compliance, the highest standard available in the industry today. 

With our easy enrollment, no contract, and no cost to get started approach, you can quickly and easily put NCS Services to work for you. When you partner with NCS Services, there is so much to gain. Call us today.