Got A Question About Our Mobile App? We Can Help!

With any new technology or service that surfaces, it’s only natural for questions to arise. Because our updated app service is different than anything we’ve done before, we’re excited to help you explore the new capabilities to better understand what a custom app can do for your church.

Some of the most common inquiries we’ve fielded so far are outlined below. Take a look at our answers to get a better idea of what our custom mobile apps are all about.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. If you are already a customer, simply call 877-771-3336 or contact your CRM. If you’re not a customer yet, but would like to be, call 855-862-7827. We’d be happy to help you get started.

How Do My Church Members Access The App?

Regardless of whether your church members are using a phone or tablet, your followers can access and download the app through their respective app store. Android users will simply go to the ‘Google Play Store’ and iPhone users will access the app through the ‘Apple App Store’.

Can my Church Members Use e-giving Through The Mobile App?

We’re glad you asked! One of our favorite features of the new apps platform is the ability to put the power of e-giving right in your members hands. Each individual user can choose whether to utilize this function as a one time gift, or to schedule recurring gifts to make sure they never miss an opportunity to be generous.

What Other Features Are Included?

Aside from the ability to keep your church family connected at all times, our new mobile apps offer you the ability to disseminate news through your church’s personal event calendar, prayer walls, devotionals and digital bulletins. Further, our campus locator will help new members find your church. Finally, our staff directory will help your church members, both new and old, keep track of familiar faces.

I Don’t Know How To Design A Mobile App, Can Anyone Help?

If you’re new to the tech-scene you don’t need to worry! As part of your signup cost your church will receive access to creation support from the very beginning. From creating your graphics and handling your initial content to submitting your app to the App Stores, we’ve got you covered. As if that weren’t enough, we can get your app up and running within 3 to 4 weeks so you won’t have to wait long before communicating with your church family at the touch of a button.

Where Do I Get Graphics?

If your church doesn’t have any designated or approved graphics to use, don’t worry! We can help with graphics to get your mobile application up and running. We’ll help you create images that are compatible with your custom mobile app and help to show app users what makes your church different from the rest.

We couldn’t be more excited to share our new mobile apps with you! If you have another question that we haven’t answered yet, be sure to let us know by giving us a call at 877-771-3336 or by clicking the blue ‘Contact Us Now’ button in the lower right corner to speak with your personal CRM.