Grow Your Church WIth Pledged Gifts


As a church leader, the task falls upon your shoulders to teach church members to recognize the grace in their lives, respond to each and every gift with gratitude and then share those gifts with others. There are few better ways to ensure the long-lasting faithful stewardship of those in church than by asking for pledges – and what could be easier for the members of church than automating their pledge through e-giving?

Put in basic terms, a pledge is simply an individual church member’s commitment to make a financial gift to support your church’s ministry. This gift can be in addition to the church members regular giving, or a statement of what their giving for the year will be in the future. Asking for and tracking pledges is an excellent way to track your church’s budget for the coming year, or to track your progress with a particular giving initiative your church is running. Learn more about how pledges through e-giving Powered by NCS Services can help your church reach it’s ministry goals.


Pledge tracking can be a highly involved process for any member of your church’s staff to manage. Through our pledge tracking tool, managing a capital campaign doesn’t have to be a hassle. Take the manual work out of following the status of each individual’s pledges and get back to the work that really matters.

For members of your church, any large gift will be easier to manage when they spread it out over a long period of time. By making pledges your church members will be better able to adequately budget their weekly or monthly gifts to reflect their goal amount. And by setting a recurring gift through e-giving their contribution can come out automatically so they won’t have to worry about remembering if and when they last tithed.


Simply because your church members choose to give a pledged amount to your church’s capital campaign doesn’t mean that they have to sign up for a recurring gift. From the amount of the gift, to the method in which they choose to give, every aspect of an individual’s pledge is completely customizable to meet their comfort level.


As any seasoned church leader knows, the gifts that your church receives always seem to wax and wane. One month your church may receive generous gifts, and other months your church may be strapped to make ends meet. By asking church members to give pledges, you’ll be better able to forecast your church’s financial situation regardless of the time of year, creating a little more stability in your church’s budget.

Asking for pledges from church members is a great way to take some of the guesswork out of maintaining your church’s budget. Your ministry building does not need to rely solely on the blind gifts your church may receive. Take a little more control of your church’s financial planning with the pledge tracker from e-giving Powered by NCS Services.