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Turning A Regular Donor Into A Major Donor

Every successful nonprofit has their own strategy for creating relationships with donors and encouraging them to get involved with their organization in some capacity. Though it may seem like an unnecessary effort at face value, research shows that taking the time to personally reach out to potential major donors yields more positive results than a… Read more »

What Should You Look For In Potential Donors?

In any type of marketing or communication scenario, identifying the audience you’re appealing to is the first step in creating any sort of strategy. In nonprofit fundraising, however, it may be beneficial to identify your audience on a more individual level. Creating a profile for donors with a high affinity for giving to your organization… Read more »

Holding Onto Donors 101

The general rule of thumb in the non-profit sector is pretty simple to remember. Retaining faithful donors is much more time and cost effective than searching for new faces to get involved with your organization. Rather than filtering part of your already over-stretched budget into finding new faces to give, wouldn’t it be great if… Read more »