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Creating Motivation Within Your Nonprofit

It can be discouraging at times for nonprofit leaders trying to foster excitement among their employees. It may be a comfort to know that money, though important, is not a motivating factor for many members of a nonprofit’s staff. Many are involved because they are pas

Forget the Beach – Convincing Millennials To Volunteer This Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner for many colleges and universities around the country. During this time, many millennials will be breaking away from the books and heading for the beach, to escape the dreary winter weather. Though commonly conceptualized as a way to thaw frozen bodies and rest academically drained minds, Spring Break… Read more »

Does Your Church Need A Tech Professional?

In today’s technology-littered landscape computers and various audio-visual elements are making an appearance in some unlikely places. As we’ve outlined in previous blog posts, more churches than ever are taking the tech-road and employing websites, apps, e-giving, and other tech applications to their day-to-day activities.