Building a Steadier Stream of Donations: Part Two


If you read part one of our article on recurring donations, you should have a good understanding of their importance. Recurring donations lead to more stabilized giving, which leads to fewer weekly peaks and valleys and makes planning and budgeting easier. But increasing (more…)

Building a Steadier Stream of Donations: Part One


By now, you probably understand at least some of the benefits of starting an e-giving program with NCS. With a simple, easy –to-use interface you’re appealing to a new generation of church-goers with a system that’s similar to most of the e-commerce sites that they alr (more…)

Common Church Website Mistakes to Avoid


Over the past 10-15 years, building a website has become a major focus for churches across the country. For younger generations the internet has become a primary source for information, making a website a prime tool for attracting newer, younger members. Some churches (more…)

Has Your Online Giving Stalled?


One of the biggest things we see churches struggle with regarding online giving is sustained growth after launch. Chances are when your church enrolled in e-giving it was received well with a healthy number of your members deciding to use it. However after the first co (more…)

Creating Motivation Within Your Nonprofit


It can be discouraging at times for nonprofit leaders trying to foster excitement among their employees. It may be a comfort to know that money, though important, is not a motivating factor for many members of a nonprofit’s staff. Many are involved because they are pas (more…)

Promote Your Next Church Event

Part of the By A Wall series.

Planning a successful fundraising event has a number of steps, and understanding the intricacies of the event can consume a lot of time. If your church is putting off promotional activities until the last minute, it may be too late to fundraise effectively.


Which Types Of Donors Are You Targeting?


As any nonprofit fundraiser knows, a successful fundraising strategy is all about creating relationships with potential donors before asking them to contribute. No two donors are exactly the same, and creating engaging relationships with all of your contributors can be (more…)

Is Your Nonprofit On The Right Social Media Platforms?


As any astute nonprofit leader knows, much of your target demographic is active online. Whether they are Millennials, Baby Boomers or members of the up-and-coming Generation Z, there are digital channels where they gather information and interact with one another on br (more…)