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How Well Is Your Nonprofit Reaching Millennials?

By now we are all aware of the power of the Millennial generation. Though they are often described in an unflattering way, most nonprofit leaders know that this group of young, philanthropically-minded individuals is quickly becoming a group they need to focus on – if they are not already. Though they may not currently hold… Read more »

Forget the Beach – Convincing Millennials To Volunteer This Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner for many colleges and universities around the country. During this time, many millennials will be breaking away from the books and heading for the beach, to escape the dreary winter weather. Though commonly conceptualized as a way to thaw frozen bodies and rest academically drained minds, Spring Break… Read more »

Teaching Millennials To Give To The Church

Millennials have gotten a tough break. Rumored to be apathetic and selfish by older generations, despiteĀ a wealth of studiesĀ that prove this to be false, millennials are often singled out as a demographic that are least likely to get involved. The desire to give and get involved is present for many millennials, however, often times the… Read more »

Is Your Non-Profit Ready To Fundraise in 2015?

As you know, nonprofit fundraising can be a very volatile endeavor. Trends for the most effective methods come and go, but one fact remains ā€“ your nonprofit relies on the generosity of your donors to continue your good work.