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Has Your Online Giving Stalled?

One of the biggest things we see churches struggle with regarding online giving is sustained growth after launch. Chances are when your church enrolled in e-giving it was received well with a healthy number of your members deciding to use it. However after the first co

Are The Older Members Of Your Church Really Tech-Illiterate?

It is no secret that many churches are reluctant to integrate technological solutions into the realm of church giving. Tyndale University recently suggested that 46% of church leaders discourage the use of technology as a resource during services or to promote church growth. Among the number of reasons leaders use to discourage the use of… Read more »

Is Your Church Still Worried About Tech Upgrades?

“We’re a traditional church, and including technology would change our identity.” “We have a number of older church members that may not understand how to interact with newer church technology.” “We don’t have the volunteer hours to dedicate to making effective use of technology.” There are any number of excuses church leaders use when defending… Read more »

Four Questions To Consider Before Deciding Upon e-giving

Many individuals, both church leaders and church members, alike, may balk at the idea of enacting more modern giving methods in tandem with their regimented giving strategy. Though many will claim that faithful giving should be observed in the church, and an e-giving platform is not necessary for disciplined givers, the fact remains that your church relies… Read more »

Six Reasons Your Church Needs A Mobile App

How does your church stay connected? In the age of smart phones and WiFi, this is a real question churches are facing – and in many cases, more traditional churches don’t have an answer.

Unlock e-giving Potential

Encouraging church members to give, is one of the many challenges plaguing church leaders. With an increased amount of giving ‘competition’ in the form of new nonprofits and community outreach, those members of your church most likely to give may find themselves torn between multiple opportunities. Though it is clear that for many church members,… Read more »

The Tension Between e-giving And The Church

How often do your church members give? Do they feel comfortable with the methods of giving that your church offers? Creating a culture of generosity in your church is one of the most important activities for a church leader to undertake, and often, the amount of generosity in the church is directly related to the… Read more »

Older Church Members On The Move

In recent years, older generations, understandably, have been slower to adopt technological advancements when compared to younger generations. Despite their more cautious move into the online realm, more and more seniors are finding themselves online equipped with email addresses and social profiles. According to the Pew Research Center, six in ten seniors now go online.

What Does It Mean To Be Mobile?

You have an active and spiritually-focused church. Not only are your day-to-day activities centered on spreading the word, but so are your fundraising endeavors. With a number of projects and church members to keep track of, it can be difficult for you, as the leader of your church, to stay on top of mass communications… Read more »