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Six Reasons Your Church Needs A Mobile App

How does your church stay connected? In the age of smart phones and WiFi, this is a real question churches are facing – and in many cases, more traditional churches don’t have an answer.

Optimize Your Organization’s Giving Efforts With Mobile

Your organization’s communication strategies play a key role in your ability to garner donations. If your organization has been ineffective at spreading the word about your its need for donations, it is very likely that you will be unable to meet your giving goals.

How to Use Your Mobile App to Expand Your Church Family

Adding a mobile platform into your church’s outreach ministry is a great way to engage the millennials in your church and captivate a new audience with your church’s message. With all the capabilities included in the e-giving Powered by NCS Services mobile apps platform, there is a feature that will be useful to everyone.

Mobile App Features – Prayer Wall

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of our new customizable mobile apps – the latest tool we’ve created to help you make a difference in your church. With so many features crammed into one app, it’s incredible to think about the number of solutions for your church that are available in one place.

Embracing The New Mobile App

The ability to keep your church family connected with the new custom mobile apps from e-giving Powered by NCS Services is an exciting idea for many church leaders to embrace. The fact remains, however, that the app is only effective if members are downloading and exploring it! If you’ve spent the time to create engaging… Read more »

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Church Leaders

Let’s face it, church leaders – the members of your church family aren’t the only ones using their mobile devices to stay connected. With text messages, emails and social notifications flying around at all hours of the day you run the risk of missing an important update without a data plan on your cell phone.

Customize Your App Experience

In today’s technological landscape, mobile app usage has been linked to greater visibility across all platforms. According to new data from Mobiforge, webpage views from mobile devices now outnumber pageviews from PCs in over 40 countries. As these trends continue, e-giving Powered by NCS Services has responded to the need for many organizations to pay… Read more »

Got A Question About Our Mobile App? We Can Help!

With any new technology or service that surfaces, it’s only natural for questions to arise. Because our updated app service is different than anything we’ve done before, we’re excited to help you explore the new capabilities to better understand what a custom app can do for your church.