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Creating Loyal Donors In Your Non-Profit

In 2011, a study conducted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Urban Institute found that for every 100 new donors acquired by a nonprofit, the same nonprofit lost 107 contributors. For an organization investing a portion of their hard-earned budget in finding new faces to get involved, this is a terrifying statistic –… Read more »

#GivingTuesday – Spread the Word

As nonprofit and church leaders, you know how difficult it can be to effectively spread the word about any sort of fundraising campaign. The balance between tact and effectiveness is often a very thin line and many times leaders can find themselves quickly becoming either overzealous or too timid in their messaging.

Spread The Love on #GivingTuesday: Here’s How

We’re getting excited. There’s just a few more days between now and #GivingTuesday and we can’t wait to see the amazing work you all do to help out a fellow nonprofit organization!