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Building a Steadier Stream of Donations: Part One

By now, you probably understand at least some of the benefits of starting an e-giving program with NCS. With a simple, easy ā€“to-use interface youā€™re appealing to a new generation of church-goers with a system thatā€™s similar to most of the e-commerce sites that they alr

What Does Your Church Website Need?

Over the last few years, church technology has changed the face of ministry in many organizations. In previous years, the only way to actively gain new members was to encourage your church family members to invite friends and family to join fellowship on Sunday mornings. Now, your church has the ability to increase exposure and… Read more »

Four Questions To Consider Before Deciding Upon e-giving

Many individuals, both church leaders and church members, alike, may balk at the idea of enacting more modern giving methods in tandem with their regimented giving strategy. Though many will claim that faithful giving should be observed in the church, and anĀ e-giving platformĀ is not necessary for disciplined givers, the fact remains that your church relies… Read more »

Six Reasons Your Church Needs A Mobile App

How does your church stay connected? In the age of smart phones and WiFi, this is a real question churches are facing ā€“ and in many cases, more traditional churches donā€™t have an answer.

Unlock e-giving Potential

Encouraging church members to give, is one of the many challenges plaguing church leaders. With an increased amount of giving ā€˜competitionā€™ in the form of new nonprofits and community outreach, those members of your church most likely to give may find themselves torn between multiple opportunities. Though it is clear that for many church members,… Read more »

The Tension Between e-giving And The Church

How often do your church members give? Do they feel comfortable with the methods of giving that your church offers? Creating a culture of generosity in your church is one of the most important activities for a church leader to undertake, and often, the amount of generosity in the church is directly related to the… Read more »

Can Technology Really Help With Kingdom Building?

As hard as we try to break out of the habit, our churches are steeped in tradition. From typical services, to communion, to wedding ceremonies and holiday worship services there are particular protocols many churches adhere to year after year. Because of the long-standing traditions in many of these institutions, churches can be reluctant to… Read more »

Does Your Church Make Giving Difficult?

There are plenty of churches that have resisted the trend to move giving online. Rather than implement an e-giving service to supplement the more traditional offertory forms, they simply stick to tradition which, can yield varying results.

Grow Your Church WIth Pledged Gifts

As a church leader, the task falls upon your shoulders to teach church members to recognize the grace in their lives, respond to each and every gift with gratitude and then share those gifts with others. There are few better ways to ensure the long-lasting faithful stewardship of those in church than by asking for… Read more »

Teaching Millennials To Give To The Church

Millennials have gotten a tough break. Rumored to be apathetic and selfish by older generations, despiteĀ a wealth of studiesĀ that prove this to be false, millennials are often singled out as a demographic that are least likely to get involved. The desire to give and get involved is present for many millennials, however, often times the… Read more »