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Create A Better Fundraising Appeal

Whether your nonprofit’s donors have chosen to contribute with recurring gifts or write one large check each year, at one point they were approached by your organization. Appeals come in many shapes and sizes, like phone calls, in-person meetings, or  email blasts, but one element is the same across the board – the ask.

Create A Better Fundraising Strategy

A good fundraising strategy is about more than simply raising awareness for your nonprofit’s cause and asking supporters to get involved. Much like a game of chess, creating an effective plan for your funding endeavors is all about thinking a few steps ahead. All nonprofit leaders know that countless hours of work occur before any… Read more »

Is Your Non-Profit Ready To Fundraise in 2015?

As you know, nonprofit fundraising can be a very volatile endeavor. Trends for the most effective methods come and go, but one fact remains – your nonprofit relies on the generosity of your donors to continue your good work.