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How Can Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Change Your Organization’s Giving?

Many of your nonprofit‚Äôs most dedicated donors have an established presence online through social sites and personal blogs. With the increase of personal mobile devices users have the ability to spend the majority of their day online. Because of this,¬†e-giving Powered by NCS Services¬†has responded by creating an easily accessible online giving platform for your… Read more »

Can Technology Really Help With Kingdom Building?

As hard as we try to break out of the habit, our churches are steeped in tradition. From typical services, to communion, to wedding ceremonies and holiday worship services there are particular protocols many churches adhere to year after year. Because of the long-standing traditions in many of these institutions, churches can be reluctant to… Read more »

Does Your Church Make Giving Difficult?

There are plenty of churches that have resisted the trend to move giving online. Rather than implement an e-giving service to supplement the more traditional offertory forms, they simply stick to tradition which, can yield varying results.

How to Use Your Mobile App to Expand Your Church Family

Adding a mobile platform into your church’s outreach ministry is a great way to engage the millennials in your church and captivate a new audience with your church’s message. With all the capabilities included in the e-giving Powered by NCS Services mobile apps platform, there is a feature that will be useful to everyone.

NCS Gives Back – The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the ALS Association

The teams at NCS are proud to share with you our latest efforts in our NCS Gives Back program. For the month of January, the teams at both e-giving Powered by NCS Services and NCS Solutions dressed down and donated to take part in our monthly NCS Gives Back program. This program is just one… Read more »