Build Your Church Community With One Simple Tool – A Mobile App


Church leaders, how do new members find your church? How do dedicated members stay one step ahead of events and fundraisers? Try as you might to stick to traditional methods of communication, there is no arguing that your members are slowly but surely going digital.

Though a well-crafted website is a must for any church at this point, one trend cannot be ignored – the move to mobile. Google has even taken note of this trend by giving search precedence to websites that have been optimized for use on mobile devices. Though internet usage from mobile devices has grown steadily from 2013, according to 2014 statistics from Flurry, mobile app usage dominates 86% of a user’s time on the small screen. Has your church adjusted to the latest trends of your key audience? Take a look at all of the reasons to invest in a mobile app from e-giving Powered By NCS Services.

Collaborate With Members

Your church is not a center of one-way communication. Though Sunday morning services are not an ideal time for members to discuss their concerns with the church’s leadership team, there still needs to be a way for them to share their ideas. With a customized mobile app, members will have the ability to contact leadership whenever they need to through the use of the staff directory.

Consolidate Communication Channels

Most tech-savvy churches have Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs that they update regularly. Many times, these social profiles are in addition to the monthly e-newsletters sent out to all members of the church. With a customized mobile app, members will have access to this information all in one convenient location. And better yet, they will be able to interact with your organization on your dedicated social media profiles, without navigating to another application.

Keep Members In The Know

Gone are the days when members will miss church events due to lack of information. Your church’s mobile app will sync up directly with an iCal or a Google calendar to allow easy and instantaneous updates to the church events calendar. And with the use of push notifications, a church leader can send updates quickly and easily to all church members at once. Do you need to cancel a church event because of inclement weather? Are you looking for last minute volunteers to help with a fundraiser? Communicate these needs to church members with the same amount of ease as sending a text message.

Connect The Church Family

Busy schedules, illness and other life events can often keep church members from attending service on Sunday morning. With a customized mobile app, you can keep errant members connected to the lesson. With live stream integration, church members can watch sermons or special events from any location, as long as they have access to their mobile device.

Kingdom building has never been easier. Through the use of a customized mobile app, your church will have the ability to stay connected to members in unimaginable ways. How would you use a mobile app to strengthen the community in your church?