Can Technology Really Help With Kingdom Building?


As hard as we try to break out of the habit, our churches are steeped in tradition. From typical services, to communion, to wedding ceremonies and holiday worship services there are particular protocols many churches adhere to year after year. Because of the long-standing traditions in many of these institutions, churches can be reluctant to enact any change to the standard routine.

Though there can be a certain amount of comfort in holding onto what we know, in many cases it’s difficult for any organization to grow if they refuse to change. This is especially true for the church. Because the main purpose of the church is to minister to the people, it’s important to connect with them on a level they understand – as well as in the forums they’re currently using to communicate. It’s not necessary to change the entire environment of your church to adhere to current standards, but enacting a few of the following changes to supplement your ministry efforts may help your church to gain more members.

Your Church Website

From local businesses to national brands, the majority of the places you go will have a website associated with them. Because the majority of young people are more like to search for a restaurant, movie theater, or even a church, online before venturing out for a visit, it makes sense to begin carving out your online presence. Not only will a website increase your reach to new faces, but you’ll also be able to stay better connected to your church family with updates.

Audio Visual Enhancements

The message during services may be the same, but the methods of delivery are vastly different now than they were twenty years ago. Many churches across the country are employing worship teams to change up the music played during services, and some are also using projectors and other video equipment to enhance the message on Sunday mornings. In this way, they’re hoping to catch the attention of their audiences and teach the message in a way that’s sure to keep church members engaged.

Mobile Apps

Among the millennial generation is the desire to stay connected. With smart phones constantly in their pockets, or in their hands, most young people are just a few clicks away from communicating with any one of their contacts. Now with customized mobile apps, your church can harness this power of communication to build a stronger community of believers.

Social Profiles

We’re sure you’ve seen one or two. Churches with social profiles filled with engaging posts and ever blossoming fan counts. If your church has yet to join the throngs of organizations reaching out to their key demographics where they’re most likely to make an impression, you’re missing out. Though social platforms may not be the most direct forum to teach about the word, it is a good place to start reaching out to new contacts.

Technology allows churches to expand their reach like never before. Whether you’re using your applications and platforms as a community building tool, or to simply give your church members more options when it comes to staying connected, the fact remains that updating your outreach strategies is a must. Try enacting one of the above methods – how do you think it will work in your church?