Does Your Church Have A Communication Plan?


Communication with church members can come in a number of forms. Today, messages from the pulpit and a monthly mailed newsletter are not the sole communication methods church leaders have at their disposal. Social media platforms, text blasts, customized apps, email blasts and websites have all taken a strong hold in the arena of church communication. Though they may be present on these platforms, many church leaders may be unaware of the connection power these mediums have to offer.

It has been said that “failure to plan is a plan to fail”. With multiple channels where your church members are seeking information and interacting with one another, it can be easy for important updates to get lost in the shuffle without the proper structure in place. Follow the tips below to create an appropriate communication strategy for your church to keep all of the members in the know.

Be Aware Of Your Message

It may seem like common sense, but one of the easiest ways to confuse the members of your church is to disseminate conflicting information across multiple platforms especially among younger demographics. Your church members may be checking communications in more than one area — if the information conflicts, you may be doing more harm than good. To alleviate this concern, double check the message and make sure the information is correct before you post on any platform. Creating a cohesive message across all communication channels will increase credibility and solve many communication issues before they begin.

Appoint A Volunteer Team

Keeping your website up to date, writing tweets and crafting newsletters and email blasts can take a significant amount of time. Though church communication is important, many leaders simply do not have the hours to spare to coordinate any number of communications channels. Take the time to develop a team in your church that will be dedicated to these tasks. After they’ve been chosen, ensure that they understand the appropriate communication techniques for your church. With a dedicated team, messages will have a unified voice and cadence to help inject updates with more authority.

Understand Who Uses Each Channel

Your church is made up of a number of demographics. Whether they are older, younger or tech-savvy, each member will have preferences as to how they receive information. Take the time to discover just how many of your church members are engaging with you on social media or how many clicks your monthly email blast receives. Understanding how members like to be reached will help you streamline your communication process to reach your target audience more effectively.

Bring It All Together

Wouldn’t it be great to house the majority of the church’s communication in one place? e-giving Powered by NCS Services offers the solutions your church needs to unify your message. With customizable mobile apps, church leaders have the ability to quickly and easily interact with members by using push notifications. With various capabilities, a customizable app will help your church to communicate effectively.

Whether you’re running a large church that hosts events every weekend, or a smaller church with just a few news events each month, understanding how to communicate those events to your members is key. Building a communication strategy for your church takes time, but in the long run, will benefit your organization.