Does Your Church Need A Tech Professional?


In today’s technology-littered landscape computers and various audio-visual elements are making an appearance in some unlikely places. As we’ve outlined in previous blog posts, more churches than ever are taking the tech-road and employing websites, apps, e-giving, and other tech applications to their day-to-day activities.

The impact of having an online presence is immeasurable – so don’t you want to make sure that your church gets it right the first time? We understand that church budgets can be hard to wrangle, and because of this it can be hard to justify actively searching for and hiring a tech professional to shoulder the heavy task of coordinating all the elements that go into a cohesive online presence for your church. If your church is still on the fence about expanding your leadership team, take a look at a few of the following reasons hiring a tech professional may benefit your organization.

Why Hire Someone When I Have Volunteers?

At your church, we’re sure you’ve got a great volunteer staff of willing and capable individuals eager to get their hands dirty. With such an robust set of volunteers willing to learn and implement new ideas for the good of the church, you may be wondering why it’s necessary to hire an outside individual to take care of your church’s tech needs. A general rule of thumb to remember is that you won’t be hiring a professional to take care of the things your volunteers can do – you’re hiring a professional to take care of the tasks your volunteers are unable, lack the time for, or are unwilling to do.

Create A Technology Team

Utilizing a cohesive online and mobile-based presence for your church is a big job. It’s only rational to assume that it will take more than just one person to create, update and monitor all of the facets of your church’s online presence. Incorporating a tech professional onto your church’s leadership team can provide you with a figurehead to take on the task of organizing the work and assigning your team of volunteers to complete different pieces of the puzzle. Having one person in charge of monitoring all the necessary components will add an element of ownership to the work that needs to be completed and will positively affect the outcomes of your church’s online efforts.

A Fresh Perspective

As a church leader, much of your time and energy is spent focusing on how to spread the word and invite others to church. Your online presence can be another extension of that goal, however, if you’re unsure of all the options available, you may be missing out on opportunities to expand. With their expertise, a professional can offer an objective voice concerning any tech issues that may arise. A tech professional will also be able to guide your church through any mishaps or complicated situations that may arise with your online tools.

Ultimately your church as a whole has to decide if the decision not to hire a professional is worth the potential ramifications to your online presence. Though it can be a difficult choice to make, just remember, one of the most important steps you can take in becoming a visionary church is taking all available opportunities to grow.