Embracing The New Mobile App


The ability to keep your church family connected with the new custom mobile apps from e-giving Powered by NCS Services is an exciting idea for many church leaders to embrace. The fact remains, however, that the app is only effective if members are downloading and exploring it! If you’ve spent the time to create engaging and informative content, but are worrying that it may be unseen by the majority of your church family, what can you do?

Though church leaders will have no problem encouraging millennial members to download and try their newly created apps, older church members may not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. If explaining the amazing ability to stay connected to church members and leaders at all times isn’t enough to sway the more resolute members of your church, the following tactics may be just the nudge they need to give your mobile app a shot.

Spread The Word

Though it seems pretty straightforward, it’s important make sure your church family knows there is an app to access before you get frustrated that no one has participated in the new system. Include the message in the weekly bulletins, create posts on your social feeds, put an announcement on the church website and make an announcement from the pulpit. This is an exciting change for your church! Don’t you want your church family members to know?


We know you love all the great features your new mobile app has to offer, but do the members of your church family even know about them? Take the time to explain all the different components that are available, and you may have new downloads before you know it.

Think Strategy

Not all your church members will be interested in the same features. If you have members that regularly write checks and deposit their offerings on Sunday mornings, the simple e-giving angle may not be the most attractive draw. However, if those same members seem to be having difficulty keeping up with the outreach and volunteer activities happening at your church, it may be beneficial to explain to them how the event calendar works to keep them connected to the latest updates. Finding the correct features to direct your church members to could help them discover why they should download the new app.

Break It Down

Many of the more traditional members of your church family may be sluggish to accept the new mobile app because they’re unsure of how an app works. Though many smart phones are intuitive for younger users, if members of your church family are uncomfortable with their mobile technology in general, they’re going to shy away from downloading any extras on their phones. Taking the time to set up an ‘app demo’ for the members of your church to attend will be a great way to break the ice and introduce your church members to how simple using your church’s mobile app can be.

Connecting with your church members in the palms of their hands is easy with a customized mobile app. Talking with your church members and focusing on the few discussion topics above can be a great way to begin the discussion about mobile apps. By keeping your customized mobile app simple and accessible, you’ll be sure to entice all the members of your church family to give it a try.