How Can Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Change Your Organization’s Giving?


Many of your nonprofit’s most dedicated donors have an established presence online through social sites and personal blogs. With the increase of personal mobile devices users have the ability to spend the majority of their day online. Because of this, e-giving Powered by NCS Services has responded by creating an easily accessible online giving platform for your donors to contribute to your cause.

With the touch of a button, donors have the ability to give when the time is right for them, rather than being relegated to specific forms of contribution. Because e-giving Powered by NCS Services is seamlessly integrated into your nonprofit’s website, it’s readily accessible to both dedicated donors and new givers alike. The ease of accessibility and the user-friendly interface make this platform ideal for inviting new givers – and who better do so than your dedicated donor base?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is just what it sounds like – fundraising that leverages the influence of your dedicated donors to inspire generosity in their network of friends and acquaintances. Known by a number of different names, (such as social fundraising or personal/team fundraising,) peer-to-peer campaigns can be an effective and easy way to expand the impact of your donation initiatives.

Builds Upon Relationships

Any nonprofit leader knows that creating relationships with donors is one of the most imperative, and difficult tasks, for a nonprofit to accomplish. Because only 40% of a nonprofit’s donors are likely to contribute to the organization for a second time, it’s important to cultivate these relationships early on – which can strain volunteers who have limited time and resources. By enlisting those dedicated volunteers to reach out to their networks through peer-to-peer fundraising you’ll be reaching out to a new audience through a trusted source – a friend, family member or colleague. In this way, you’ll bypass many of the issues that typically follow donor cultivation by targeting new donors through a source they are more likely to trust.

Grows Organically

When you have a team of volunteers actively reaching out to their friends, family and coworkers by sharing your nonprofit’s story, your reach will expand with minimal effort and cost on the part of your nonprofit. As these new recruits become involved with your organization, they, in turn, may feel compelled to share your nonprofit’s story with their networks, as well. By utilizing those individuals who are passionate about the organization, a nonprofit will be introduced to new audiences without the monetary investment previously required.

Expand The Use of Resources

As all nonprofit leaders know, there are very real, and frustrating, time and budget constraints that dictate much of the work your organization is able to complete. With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can make the most of what you already have by utilizing the influence of your nonprofit’s advocates. Where before you would have a nonprofit employee on the clock attempting to engage with a potential future donor, now previous givers are encouraging their friends to get involved in the same way. This system frees nonprofit staff to attend to the many other tasks that need to be completed.

Enacting a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign through your e-giving platform is fairly simple. After setting up your platform, take some time to instruct your nonprofit’s advocates in the finer points of cultivating relationships with future donors. After that, watch and see how your giving campaign flourishes. For more information on how to begin a peer-to-peer campaign, take a look at this article.