How to Use Your Mobile App to Expand Your Church Family


Adding a mobile platform into your church’s outreach ministry is a great way to engage the millennials in your church and captivate a new audience with your church’s message. With all the capabilities included in the e-giving Powered by NCS Services mobile apps platform, there is a feature that will be useful to everyone.

Mobile apps are a new avenue for many churches. With a wealth of capabilities, it can be difficult to determine the most effective way to utilize your app to grow your ministry. At its core, your mobile app is a way to connect the members of your church family. Bearing that one goal in mind, there are a number of ways your mobile app can help you to communicate with all of your members.

Integrate Into an Established Online Presence

Creating a compelling mobile app for your church does little good if only a few members of your church family are taking the time to download and utilize the platform. Though a mobile app can be an exciting addition to any church atmosphere, it can be quite an abrupt first step to take into the technological realm. Having a multimedia program already in place will make a world of difference when teaching your church members about this next step in your church’s online presence. By using platforms that your church members are already established on, (like the church’s social profiles and your website,) to introduce your mobile app will help integrate your new technology more quickly.

Remember Content and Quality

Your mobile app is a critical platform for engaging with the members of your church. However, it’s important to remember that, in order to engage your church family, you need to provide high quality content for them to interact with. If the information you’re disseminating through your mobile app platform is consistently below the standard they are expecting, you’ll be likely to lose users quickly.

Create a Team

Your church’s volunteers likely boast a variety of backgrounds, skills and talents. In the realm of creating content and managing an app platform, it can be especially useful to have a diverse group of able-bodied volunteers helping with the initiative. Your ideal group would include individuals with graphic design, IT, or marketing and communications backgrounds.

With over 91.4 million smartphone users in the U.S., there is a wide audience available for your church to reach out to. Keeping a few of the above points in mind, you can create an effective strategy for your church’s mobile ministry. How effectively can you expand your kingdom building with a mobile app?