Integrating Tech Into Your Church Family


Technology is here to stay. It’s the truth and, for some, it can be difficult to grasp sometimes. And though, as church leaders, it’s easy to get excited about the newest applications for our phones we can use to make connecting with our church families easier, it’s easy to forget that other members of the church, especially the older demographic, may not share your enthusiasm.

Coming on too strong with tech-savvy changes to the methods your church uses to communicate can have a polarizing effect. Of course there will be those who are ready to jump on board and give any new gadgets and social platforms a try. On the other hand, however, there are sure to be those who are uncomfortable with the idea of trying something new. If you’re wondering how to integrate technology into your everyday church activities while keeping everyone comfortable, remember the following points.

Don’t Let Tech Run The Show

Providing options for your church family to stay in contact is a great tool. There are so many benefits to having the ability to reach church members at the most convenient moment for them. Being transparent with new information and keeping everyone up-to-date on the events your church is planning is a great way to bring a cohesion to your church. However, just because you have new options in place doesn’t mean that every member of your church is comfortable using them. As you’re bringing new tech options on board in your church it’s important to keep updating your members in the more traditional ways as well. Don’t sacrifice updates from the pulpit or entries in the bulletin for solely digital communications. In doing so you may be running the risk of confusing members of your church.

Options Don’t Mean Obligations

Simply because you are providing your church family with a greater array of options to stay connected doesn’t mean that they have to use them. It may be more convenient for some members of your church family to get their updates on Sunday mornings before sermons than by finding the time to log onto the church’s website. In order to increase the level of comfort with tech options, avoid trying to force everyone to fit the same mold. If necessary, continue to communicate in the usual way while ramping up the updates that your church is making through their mobile apps or on their website. Keeping your communication open and honest as tech changes develop will allow the opportunity for church members to get the information they need and then make the decision to switch on their own.

Stay Communicative

Technology solutions for your church are just one of the few ways you as a church leader are trying to make communication with your church members easier. Just because using mobile apps, websites and social platforms may seem communicative to you, older members of your church family may feel as though these technologies create, rather than close, the communication gap. Continuing to make yourself available to answer questions, hold conversations or even meet outside the church in the traditional sense will show the members of your church that just because there are new options for communication doesn’t mean that there are fewer opportunities for them to reach out when seeking guidance.

Integrating new technology into your church life can create a number of solutions to troubling communication problems. To keep your entire church family in the know, and comfortable, with these changes as they arise, be sure not to make the switch between traditional methods of communication and the new methods of communication too quickly. An even paced transition accompanied with open and honest communication will help to create an environment of comfort and familiarity many members of your church need. Do you have any other ideas to help integrate new technology solutions into your church’s daily activities? We’d love to hear about them!