Is Your Non-Profit Ready To Fundraise in 2015?


As you know, nonprofit fundraising can be a very volatile endeavor. Trends for the most effective methods come and go, but one fact remains – your nonprofit relies on the generosity of your donors to continue your good work.

Though limited time and budgets require your nonprofit to be flexible when it comes to fundraising opportunities, careful planning can help to alleviate some of the inevitable stress. With each new year comes new methods and tools to optimize your nonprofit’s ability to reach the audience most likely to get involved – but how will you use them? Take a look at a few of these tactics for 2015 to get your fundraising year started off on the right foot.

Engage Millennials

Believe it or not, in a few years the Millennial generation will make up the majority of the workforce which, in turn, means that they will be the demographic with the most donating power. Though much of your outreach efforts may be centered on fundraising for the current year, it couldn’t hurt to spend a little extra time reaching out to the Millennials. Though they are a demographic centered around getting involved and helping wherever they can, they often take a different route to finding organizations to support than previous generations, and your nonprofit needs to adapt to these changes.

Track Donor Engagement

Though it may not seem necessary, tracking donor engagement over long periods can be crucial to getting the most out of your upcoming fundraising efforts. If you have not yet begun tracking basic information about your donors, 2015 is the year to start. If you already have records on hand, it may benefit your nonprofit to take the time to analyze them a little more closely to understand what drives your donor’s giving behaviors.

Get Mobile

If you haven’t already noticed, our world is making the switch to mobile. If your nonprofit has not taken steps to move into this realm with your fundraising efforts, 2015 is the year to do so! Not only are mobile capabilities necessary for successful nonprofit fundraising, but it is also crucial to make sure to update and monitor your nonprofit’s social profiles and website as well.

Keeping in mind these few trend predictions for 2015 could help your nonprofit to become more lucrative in the coming year. Do you have any other predictions to promote successful nonprofit fundraising? We’d love to hear them!