Mobile App Features – Prayer Wall


By now we’re sure you’ve heard of our new customizable mobile apps – the latest tool we’ve created to help you make a difference in your church. With so many features crammed into one app, it’s incredible to think about the number of solutions for your church that are available in one place.

Take, for instance, your church’s need to stay connected through prayer. It can be an intimidating experience for church family members in need to go to church leaders or other members and ask for support. An additional challenge is communicating that need to the various members of the church that want to help. The prayer wall feature on your church’s mobile app allows you to do that and more. Take a look below at some of the less obvious uses for this unique tool.

Engage Fellow Church Members Anytime

New needs arise for members of your church everyday, though sometimes there are not always fellow church members around to ask for prayer support. With the prayer wall on your church’s customized mobile app, you’ll be able to engage other church members and bring your needs to them at any time rather than being confined to face-to-face conversations before and after services.

Prayer Isn’t Just For The Prayer Team

Many churches have prayer teams in place as an additional part of their ministry. These teams volunteer to aid those members of the church who have issues to bring to the lord. In many instances, prayer teams are conducted through email and only a small number of the church family is able to participate due to time constraints and the desire for anonymity. Because every member of your church will have access to your app and will be able to see prayer requests as they’re posted, everyone in your church will have the opportunity to support one another. Using the mobile app, you’ll be one step closer to creating a church-wide prayer circle.

Easily Update Your Prayer Requests

When bringing your concerns to the members of your church for prayer and support, it’s important to keep them updated when you see relief through prayer! With our mobile app’s prayer wall, you’ll be able to quickly and easily rejoice with all of those who have been supporting you in your time of need.

Track Changes In Your Church

Though we can all remember the differences prayer has made in our personal lives, wouldn’t it be amazing to see the difference habitual prayer has made for your church family over the course of a year? By using the mobile app to upload prayer concerns, it’s easy for any member of your church to retroactively look at previous concerns and see how prayer has enacted positive change. What a great testimony to the power of prayer!

If your church is looking to take your prayer ministry to the next level, there’s no better tool than the prayer wall found on your church’s mobile app. Stay connected to church members all over your town at the touch of a button and see how your church family transforms.