Optimize Your Organization’s Giving Efforts With Mobile


Your organization’s communication strategies play a key role in your ability to garner donations. If your organization has been ineffective at spreading the word about your its need for donations, it is very likely that you will be unable to meet your giving goals.

At e-giving Powered by NCS Services, we’ve grasped this shift in the digital communication landscape. To help those who’re making a difference, we’ve embraced text blasts, text giving and our new customized mobile apps platform as a means to reach out to your organization’s audience. With the proper tools at your disposal, now it’s time to create a strategy to optimize your organization’s efforts. When planning your overall strategy, be sure to include these three key points.

Design For Mobile

It’s easy to think mobile campaigns are solely relegated to text messages and text giving. Many organizations often don’t think about the number of smartphone users that are accessing their site from mobile devices everyday. If your organization hasn’t taken the time to ensure that your site layout is transferable, you may be missing out on valuable conversions. According to searchenginewatch.com, mobile internet usage eclipsed that of PC internet access for the first time in 2014 and the trend continues to this day. If your organization hasn’t already, it’s time to seriously consider the integration of mobile-friendly versions of all online communications.

Create Carefully Planned Text Communications

It may be difficult to believe, but your carefully crafted Facebook message is only reaching 10% of your page’s total fans. On top of that, 88% of email blasts are unopened by the recipients. Because many users are so bogged down with content, they have to pick and choose which messages they choose to read. Because the majority of adults carry cell phones on their person, most communication through text message is received and viewed in a manner of seconds. If you donors, or volunteers have opted in to receiving regular text communications from your organization, they want to hear about updates to your organization. By planning periodic text blasts you can be sure that you’re reaching your donors with your message.

Be Prudent With Text-To-Give

There are many occasions when an organization is looking to bolster their gifts through any means possible. Though the thought can be tempting because your main givers are sure to have a phone on their person, in many cases text-to-give campaigns are not always the most successful when it comes to longer term giving initiatives. Rather than focusing your campaign on this donation vehicle, it may be more applicable for your campaign to offer text giving as an alternative to another giving channel. In order to make the biggest impact with your digital communication strategy it will be necessary for your organization to embrace the shift to mobile. With a properly conceptualized plan and the right tools, it can be easy for your organization to expand your audience, reach out to current givers and simplify the communication process.