Promote Your Next Church Event

Part of the By A Wall series.

Planning a successful fundraising event has a number of steps, and understanding the intricacies of the event can consume a lot of time. If your church is putting off promotional activities until the last minute, it may be too late to fundraise effectively.

In years past, promoting any type of event was much more involved than it is today. As your organization adopts upgrades in popular church technology, not only will your internal communication improve, but external communication will improve, as well. There are a number of options for church leaders to consider in order to leverage the power that digital communication offers for promoting your church’s latest fundraising endeavor. Which will your church choose?

Church Website

Has your church updated its website lately? If your organization created a website, and has neglected to update it since then, it is missing a prime opportunity to interact with the community. In many cases, the church’s website is the first thing people look at before deciding to visit. If the information included is tragically out of date, many potential visitors and event participants may pass your church by. As a general rule of thumb, every event your church hosts should be included on the website at least six to eight weeks in advance. And, if possible, there should be an option to register online for the event, as well.

Church’s Facebook Page

Social media has the ability to create conversations and generate excitement around the activities your church chooses to engage in. Scheduling a few posts promoting the event at intervals leading up to your fundraiser will help to reach your online audience. For optimal traction, be sure to write exciting posts that include a link to the event’s webpage and include an engaging photo. Creating organic traffic on your Facebook page has become more difficult in recent months. Your church has the option to promote those posts in order to increase reach; however, a more cost-effective method to gain views and engagement is to ask your church members to share the posts on their own feeds.

Mobile App

A custom mobile app for your church allows you to connect with your church members like never before. Utilizing this platform, you will be able to put updates about your church’s upcoming fundraiser right into members’ hands. Creating excitement for an event within the church is the first step toward creating a buzz in the general community. Use your customized mobile app to share timely updates about the church’s event and increase the chance that your church family will begin spreading the word, as well.

Email Blast

Taking the time to create a well-designed mass email to the members of your church promoting your fundraiser can help to spark initial interest. Though email blasts to your church family are nothing new, they are an effective method to reach members that attend regularly, as well as those members who may have slowly declined in their attendance.

With a little creativity, your church can step away from the typical calls-to-action from the pulpit and engage with church and community members, alike. Use the above ideas to get started thinking outside the box for your church’s next fundraising event.

(Image courtesy of Garry Knight)