Six Reasons Your Church Needs A Mobile App


How does your church stay connected? In the age of smart phones and WiFi, this is a real question churches are facing – and in many cases, more traditional churches don’t have an answer.

According to Pew Research Center, as of October 2014, over 64% of adults had a smartphone they utilized to access the internet. While having a mobile optimized site is key to catching users where they’re web-surfing, a website is static and lacks the ability to interact with members of your church.Mobile apps from e-giving Powered by NCS Services offer the ability to better engage with church members via prayer walls, message boards and easily updated content. For a better idea of how a mobile app can benefit you in your pursuit of church community building, consider the following points.

Create An Access Point

We live in an age where exploration happens at our fingertips. Rather than taking the time to visit and interact with a new store, restaurant, or church, the majority of adults are gaining information through their mobile devices. By establishing and utilizing a mobile app, your church will be creating a new database of information for future church members to investigate prior to arriving on Sunday morning.

Integrate Social Media

Your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook are not just an opportunity to disseminate messages to your church family – it’s an opportunity for church members to interact with the church as well. By integrating your social profiles into your mobile app, you’ll be offering your church members quick and simple communication all in one place. As an added bonus, with a few clicks, your church members can share your updates on their social profiles for increased reach.

Break The Sunday-Only Habit

Though many loyal Christians combat the habit, it is all too common for members of your church to appear for service on Sunday morning and then neglect to engage with the church throughout the week. With a mobile app, your church’s message and content will be available at all times, wherever your church members are.

Make Content More Convenient

The number of outside influences that threaten church attendance are staggering. For those times members of your church are unable to attend a service, there is live stream integration so your church lesson goes where they go.

Integrate e-giving

Convenience is a major factor effecting givers today. Rather than confining your church contributions to a single time within a service, offer your users the freedom to give when they’re feeling generous. With an e-giving Powered by NCS Services platform built right into the app, users can tithe right in the palm of their hands while staying connected to future church events and exploring lesson content.

Establish Relevance

One of the wonderful aspects of affiliation with the church is the ability to apply the Bible’s teachings to changing times. Many members of younger generations are suspicious of churches that seem to neglect global culture. By integrating a mobile app within your church, your organization will reassure church members that your church is consciously trying to remain socially and culturally relevant in your operations and teachings.

Utilizing a mobile app in your church can offer a wealth of benefits outside of the functions available. To learn more about how to create a customizable mobile app for your church, click here.