The Power Of Data For Your Non-Profit


Understanding the data that you’ve got at your fingertips is just one of the many ways your nonprofit can optimize its efforts in donor retention. When using e-giving Powered by NCS Services, you’ll be able to track your donors’ contributions, and organizational goals, with our extensive reporting suite. At our core, e-giving Powered by NCS Services is committed to helping those who make a difference. In doing so, we strive to provide affordable solutions that increase communication and reduce administrative tasks. With our reporting suite, all of the information you need to know is available and safely stored in a report. Having access to this data is only half the battle, though. It’s what you do with it that counts. Try looking at your data in the following ways to get the most out of the information you’ve gathered.

Use Your Data To Grow

One of the many downfalls nonprofit organizations run into is being afraid to have failure reflected in their numbers. Rather than looking at failure (in any capacity) as a negative, switch your focus and consider it an opportunity to learn. If your organization is never exploring new avenues and taking risks, you’re also not learning. Harboring the attitude that the numbers reflected in your data should always be high (no matter what) can be a detriment to your nonprofit’s efforts. Instead, use your collected data as an analysis of how a particular initiative has been working. This will be the most profitable use of the information.

Attach It To A Story

Though numbers are solid proof that your efforts have been making a difference, it’s been shown time and time again that they will never have the same impact that stories have upon your donor base. In order to maximize the use of your quantitative data, it’s important to mix it with the appropriate qualitative data. To put it bluntly – tell a story and back it up with facts, instead of just presenting your donors with a list of figures. A story will hold your audience’s attention more effectively, whereas, decimals and percentages will leave their minds to wander. The most important thing to remember when considering data measurement is that your efforts only matter if they inspire you to act. Taking a periodic look at your fundraising efforts is not worth the time if you do not take that information and use it to your advantage. Take some time over the next few months to take a look back at your nonprofit’s progress – you may be surprised by the inspiration you find.