The Tension Between e-giving And The Church


How often do your church members give? Do they feel comfortable with the methods of giving that your church offers? Creating a culture of generosity in your church is one of the most important activities for a church leader to undertake, and often, the amount of generosity in the church is directly related to the tone surrounding the giving conversation.

If a church leader is asking church members to give exactly 10% of their income only during services, it can create a strain on church members. If the act of faithful giving feels too regulated, many members of your church family may feel as though it is their financial commitment, not their commitment to their spiritual relationship, that is the most important. Introducing an e-giving program, such asĀ e-giving Powered by NCS ServicesĀ provides, is an easy way to relieve this anxiety and open up more convenient giving channels. However, there are concerns surrounding this tactic in many modern churches.

Many churches are reluctant to invite technology into services, whether it be to encourage giving or to act as a visual worship aid. Rather than instantly closing the door to multiple options in church giving, it may be necessary for church leaders to take a few steps back and examine a different perspective. When making the important decision to incorporate e-giving into your church, consider the following ideas.

Recognize Technology As A Tool

Though the most common way for older generations to view cell phones, social profiles and websites is as distractions that direct our attention away from being present in the moment, one thing is clear ā€“ thanks to technology, individuals now have access to more information than ever before. Further, through text messages and other messaging platforms, people are now more connected than they have ever been.

The problem with recognizing technology as a distraction, is that it limits critics into examining only what is being taken away, rather than exploring additionalĀ capabilities. Rather than viewing a tech-upgrade for your church as a replacement, think of it as an enhancement. By instituting an e-giving program, your church will be providing multiple opportunities to all church members to give on their own terms, when they are feeling generous.

e-giving Does Not Need To Be Forced

One sure-fire way to polarize your church family is to change the primary giving channel of your church without discussing it with them first. No two givers in your church are the same, and this sentiment rings true for the methods in which your church members choose to give. If your church decides to institute an e-giving channel, be sure to invite members to choose for themselves how they prefer to give. By inviting them to be involved in the decisions surrounding their stewardship, they will feel more control over their choice to give.

Remember ā€“ the desire to be generous exists for many members of your church. It is simply waiting to be unlocked. By introducing an e-giving program in your church, you will be empowering your church members to get involved in the fashion that is most convenient for them.