Treasures for Children


The holidays are a time of year centered around giving. We shop to find gifts for loved ones and we host celebrations in our homes as a part of the tradition. But though we’re very focused on the idea of generosity and spreading our blessings around to a certain group of our loved ones how often do we give to those in need?

All children deserve to feel the excitement and joy of unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning, but sadly due to economic hardships, many are unable to do so. In honor of this giving time of year, e-giving Powered By NCS Services wants to help alleviate this need in any way that we can. That’s why this month we’re working with The Salvation Army to help support their Treasures for Children project.

This annual collection focuses on local families. Because donors are able to choose a tag featuring a particular local child they can feel proud that their contributions have made an impact in their local community.

The way it works is simple. Donation stations are set up in various locations (like the NCS offices) around Allegheny County. Donors are then able to choose a tag that represents a specific child in need. After they’ve made their selection, donors then return the tag and a gift to the donation center for pick up. It’s that simple!

Even though it’s still early in the holiday season, Treasures for Children has already received 13,000 tags promised from over 150 local sponsors, but they’re always in need of more!

If you’d like to get involved or donate a toy to the collection, you can find our donation information in the lobby of our building. Alternatively we will be setting up an e-giving page so you can make a monetary donation directly to their cause. If you’d like to get involved in other ways, visit the Salvation Army’s website to find out how!

Last year, e-giving Powered By NCS Services managed to fill 75 tags for this wonderful event. Because of this success, we’ve chosen to begin with that number of tags – we can’t wait to see the number we can fill this year!