What Does It Mean To Be Mobile?


You have an active and spiritually-focused church. Not only are your day-to-day activities centered on spreading the word, but so are your fundraising endeavors. With a number of projects and church members to keep track of, it can be difficult for you, as the leader of your church, to stay on top of mass communications with your church family.

With all of the different directions you and your church members are going, it’s important to have a means of staying in contact with multiple members, or even your whole church family. With our new customized mobile apps, mass communication is now easier than ever before. If you’re interested in providing your church members more opportunities to give or learn about volunteer opportunities, your mobile app platform is the way to go.

Now that your church has the means to go ‚Äėmobile‚Äô, it may be time to take a look at what that really means for your organization. Rather than simply using your system as a catch-all for the communication strategies that you were using before, it‚Äôs time to take a look at how and when you‚Äôre reaching out to your church family. In order to fully utilize this powerful tool to your church‚Äôs advantage, your strategy should include the following.

Mobile Web

Just because your church has a well-crafted website that’s viewable on a PC does not mean that the user experience will translate onto mobile devices. Be sure that your church is easily searchable through mobile with a site design that is optimized for mobile users.

Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging can be as simple as a text message to a few members of your church, a text blast to your whole church family, or a newsletter disseminated through your mobile app.


The generosity of your church members is one of many factors that contribute to the future success of your church’s vision. With the emphasis of connection and communication centered on mobile devices, it just makes sense to invite your church members to give through this channel with e-givingas well. After your church has made the decision to go mobile with its communications, it’s important to devise a strategy incorporating the above three elements. A mobile strategy tailored to your church’s needs and budget will help you to be more effective and cohesive in your communications.