Why Use e-giving In Winter?


With winter comes the typical cold weather, snow and ice synonymous with the season. Though it takes more than a little cold weather to deter the members of your church from filling pews on Sunday mornings, when the weather turns sour it can mean more than just a few empty seats.

If you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable during the winter, we’re sure you already understand the hazards the colder times of year can have for your church budget. Just because acts of nature tend to get in the way of church attendance, doesn’t mean that e-giving Powered by NCS Services lacks a solution for your church members’ giving woes. If you’re still not convinced that creating an e-giving channel could be helpful for your church to utilize during the harsh winter months, and throughout the year, take a look a few of these reasons.

Winter Storms Impede Travel

The weather can be unpredictable, even at the best times of year. During large snowstorms, or even extreme cold spells, many members of your church family may be unwilling to leave their homes to attend services due to unsafe traveling conditions. Though they may be unable to get to church during unruly weather days, if your church has a mobile app where you upload videos of sermons members will be able to stay connected to your church’s teachings for the week. Further, if you’ve integrated your e-giving channel through your mobile app, your church family will be able to complete their weekly tithes as usual.

‘Snowbirds’ Head For Warmer Climates

It is not uncommon for the older members of some churches to seek warmer climates during the cold winter months. Vacation homes in Florida and Texas are common retreats for many retirees, and often when these faces disappear from your church pews, so, too, do their contributions to the church. By implementing an e-giving service for your church family, these members will be able to fulfill their faithful giving regardless of where they are geographically.

Beat The Holiday Slump

Though the holidays have come and gone, their effects may be lingering on the budgets of many of your church members. With looming credit card bills and dwindling bank accounts many church members may be loathe to consider giving to the church. By encouraging your church family members to schedule recurring gifts early on in the year, you’ll be using ‘giver inertia’ to your advantage by ensuring that the church will receive scheduled gifts. Many church members enjoy the use of recurring gifts because it takes the effort out of giving and is a sum already accounted for in their personal budgets – there’s no need to scramble when it comes time to give to the church.

The colder winter weather doesn’t need to bring a chill to your church’s budget as well. Avoid a possible giving slump in your church by simply instituting an e-giving program. With the power to give in their hands at all times, your church members will be more likely to act upon their generous impulses regardless of the weather.