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Can Technology Really Help With Kingdom Building?

As hard as we try to break out of the habit, our churches are steeped in tradition. From typical services, to communion, to wedding ceremonies and holiday worship services there are particular protocols many churches adhere to year after year. Because of the long-standing traditions in many of these institutions, churches can be reluctant to… Read more »

Does Your Church Make Giving Difficult?

There are plenty of churches that have resisted the trend to move giving online. Rather than implement an e-giving service to supplement the more traditional offertory forms, they simply stick to tradition which, can yield varying results.

Why Use e-giving In Winter?

With winter comes the typical cold weather, snow and ice synonymous with the season. Though it takes more than a little cold weather to deter the members of your church from filling pews on Sunday mornings, when the weather turns sour it can mean more than just a few empty seats.

Integrating Tech Into Your Church Family

Technology is here to stay. It’s the truth and, for some, it can be difficult to grasp sometimes. And though, as church leaders, it’s easy to get excited about the newest applications for our phones we can use to make connecting with our church families easier, it’s easy to forget that other members of the… Read more »

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Church Leaders

Let’s face it, church leaders – the members of your church family aren’t the only ones using their mobile devices to stay connected. With text messages, emails and social notifications flying around at all hours of the day you run the risk of missing an important update without a data plan on your cell phone.

Got A Question About Our Mobile App? We Can Help!

With any new technology or service that surfaces, it’s only natural for questions to arise. Because our updated app service is different than anything we’ve done before, we’re excited to help you explore the new capabilities to better understand what a custom app can do for your church.

Does Your Church Need A Tech Professional?

In today’s technology-littered landscape computers and various audio-visual elements are making an appearance in some unlikely places. As we’ve outlined in previous blog posts, more churches than ever are taking the tech-road and employing websites, apps, e-giving, and other tech applications to their day-to-day activities.