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How Can Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Change Your Organization’s Giving?

Many of your nonprofit’s most dedicated donors have an established presence online through social sites and personal blogs. With the increase of personal mobile devices users have the ability to spend the majority of their day online. Because of this, e-giving Powered by NCS Services has responded by creating an easily accessible online giving platform for your… Read more »

The Power Of Data For Your Non-Profit

Understanding the data that you’ve got at your fingertips is just one of the many ways your nonprofit can optimize its efforts in donor retention. When using e-giving Powered by NCS Services, you’ll be able to track your donors’ contributions, and organizational goals, with our extensive reporting suite. At our core, e-giving Powered by NCS Services… Read more »

Can Webpage Design Affect Your Non-Profit’s Online Donations?

By now we’re sure you’ve heard the facts – online giving is a major source of donations for many nonprofits. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, in 2013 alone, 25 of the world’s largest nonprofits reported receiving more than $10 million dollars (respectively) solely from online gifts. Additionally in 2013, charitable giving grew an average of… Read more »

Forget the Beach – Convincing Millennials To Volunteer This Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner for many colleges and universities around the country. During this time, many millennials will be breaking away from the books and heading for the beach, to escape the dreary winter weather. Though commonly conceptualized as a way to thaw frozen bodies and rest academically drained minds, Spring Break… Read more »

What Should You Look For In Potential Donors?

In any type of marketing or communication scenario, identifying the audience you’re appealing to is the first step in creating any sort of strategy. In nonprofit fundraising, however, it may be beneficial to identify your audience on a more individual level. Creating a profile for donors with a high affinity for giving to your organization… Read more »

Creating Loyal Donors In Your Non-Profit

In 2011, a study conducted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Urban Institute found that for every 100 new donors acquired by a nonprofit, the same nonprofit lost 107 contributors. For an organization investing a portion of their hard-earned budget in finding new faces to get involved, this is a terrifying statistic –… Read more »

Become A Supportive Leader In Your Non-Profit

In any workplace, whether it’s a nonprofit or a for-profit organization, there is a certain amount of stress that comes with the daily tasks that need to be completed. Often, in nonprofit team situations, there is an abundance of work to do and barely enough time to get it all done. In this type of… Read more »

Engaging Your Non-Profit’s Audience

We’re sure you’ve been there before, nonprofit leaders. Standing in front of a room full of board members struggling to keep their attention as you work through your meeting’s agenda. Or worse, speaking with donors who seem uninterested in your nonprofit’s work and the need for donations.

Is Your Non-Profit Ready To Fundraise in 2015?

As you know, nonprofit fundraising can be a very volatile endeavor. Trends for the most effective methods come and go, but one fact remains – your nonprofit relies on the generosity of your donors to continue your good work.

Does Your Nonprofit Have a Tech Plan for 2015?

The New Year is almost upon us! Though we’re sure you’re busy planning New Year’s resolutions for your organization and making plans to make 2015 the best year yet, have you thought about your digital marketing strategies? Now is the perfect time to take a look at the majority of your online efforts and determine… Read more »