Why Is Asking For Donations So Uncomfortable?


You have a designated e-giving channel for your organization, you’ve created a stellar website detailing pertinent information about your organization, and you’ve even created a customized mobile app for your constituents to interact with you — so where are all your donors?


Can You Hear Me Now? – Understanding Your Donors


No matter your nonprofit organization’s mission, the cause that you’re working to support, or the leadership style of key individuals, all organizations can agree upon one thing – engagement is key to building long lasting relationships with donors.


Four Questions To Consider Before Deciding Upon e-giving


Many individuals, both church leaders and church members, alike, may balk at the idea of enacting more modern giving methods in tandem with their regimented giving strategy. Though many will claim that faithful giving should be observed in the church, and an e-giving platform is not necessary for disciplined givers, the fact remains that your church relies upon the generosity of your church family. Shouldn’t you open up every available opportunity for them to give when they’re feeling generous?


Acquire Donors For Your Non-Profit’s e-giving Platform


Finding donors for any nonprofit is a constant, uphill battle. Fundraisers are often pulled in different directions, needing to split their time between dedicated donors and sourcing new donors. Though many donors may be moved to get involved with an organization, often they refrain for one reason or another. For example, overwhelmingly, nonprofits have seen that their contributors, both new and old, want to give on their own time. Creating an e-giving platform is half the solution to this issue – the other half is encouraging people to use it.


Six Reasons Your Church Needs A Mobile App


How does your church stay connected? In the age of smart phones and WiFi, this is a real question churches are facing – and in many cases, more traditional churches don’t have an answer.


Turning A Regular Donor Into A Major Donor


Every successful nonprofit has their own strategy for creating relationships with donors and encouraging them to get involved with their organization in some capacity. Though it may seem like an unnecessary effort at face value, research shows that taking the time to personally reach out to potential major donors yields more positive results than a simple ask alone.


Unlock e-giving Potential


Encouraging church members to give, is one of the many challenges plaguing church leaders. With an increased amount of giving ‘competition’ in the form of new nonprofits and community outreach, those members of your church most likely to give may find themselves torn between multiple opportunities. Though it is clear that for many church members, giving is an act of generosity, not the fulfillment of an obligation, church leaders still need to find a way to reach out to them.


The Tension Between e-giving And The Church


How often do your church members give? Do they feel comfortable with the methods of giving that your church offers? Creating a culture of generosity in your church is one of the most important activities for a church leader to undertake, and often, the amount of generosity in the church is directly related to the tone surrounding the giving conversation.


Is Your Non-Profit Ready For Gen Z?


What does a philanthropist look like? Many nonprofit leaders, as well as those removed from the nonprofit fundraising arena, may be quick to describe a member of the baby boomer generation who gives generously to a cause they care deeply about. Though in the past this may have been the case, over the last few years, much attention has been given to millennials as they grow older. Not only are millennials now among the largest demographic, they also pack a hefty punch when it comes to their power to give.


The Follow Up – What To Do After You Recieve An Online Donation


Over the last few years, online giving has left its mark upon the face of nonprofit fundraising. According to statistics gathered by Nonprofit Tech For Good, online giving grew 13.5% in 2013 and during the same year, online giving accounted for 6.3% of all charitable contributions made. As the landscape of charitable giving changes, many organizations are embracing the new methods or capturing donations.