Grow Your Church WIth Pledged Gifts


As a church leader, the task falls upon your shoulders to teach church members to recognize the grace in their lives, respond to each and every gift with gratitude and then share those gifts with others. There are few better ways to ensure the long-lasting faithful stewardship of those in church than by asking for pledges – and what could be easier for the members of church than automating their pledge through e-giving?


Teaching Millennials To Give To The Church


Millennials have gotten a tough break. Rumored to be apathetic and selfish by older generations, despite a wealth of studies that prove this to be false, millennials are often singled out as a demographic that are least likely to get involved. The desire to give and get involved is present for many millennials, however, often times the funds to do so may be lacking. Rather than become frustrated at the seeming indifference, take the time to examine how your church is reaching out to its younger members.


Increasing Generosity In Your Church


As an organization, your church relies on gifts from members to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Though it may be a volatile source of funds, there are certain steps a conscientious church can take to increase giving – without increasing the number of gift-based conversations between church leaders and church family members.


NCS Gives Back – The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the ALS Association


The teams at NCS are proud to share with you our latest efforts in our NCS Gives Back program. For the month of January, the teams at both e-giving Powered by NCS Services and NCS Solutions dressed down and donated to take part in our monthly NCS Gives Back program. This program is just one of the many ways that we at e-giving Powered by NCS Services continue our mission to help those who make a difference.


What Should You Look For In Potential Donors?


In any type of marketing or communication scenario, identifying the audience you’re appealing to is the first step in creating any sort of strategy. In nonprofit fundraising, however, it may be beneficial to identify your audience on a more individual level. Creating a profile for donors with a high affinity for giving to your organization can help you to have better communication with these individuals and will be a wonderful aid in improving your outreach efforts.


Creating Loyal Donors In Your Non-Profit


In 2011, a study conducted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Urban Institute found that for every 100 new donors acquired by a nonprofit, the same nonprofit lost 107 contributors. For an organization investing a portion of their hard-earned budget in finding new faces to get involved, this is a terrifying statistic – and the landscape is not improving.


Become A Supportive Leader In Your Non-Profit


In any workplace, whether it’s a nonprofit or a for-profit organization, there is a certain amount of stress that comes with the daily tasks that need to be completed. Often, in nonprofit team situations, there is an abundance of work to do and barely enough time to get it all done. In this type of environment, stress levels often run high and it’s not uncommon for employees and volunteers to get frustrated.


Planning Your Church Fundraiser


When it comes to fundraising, there is quite a bit of pressure on organizers to create inspiring results while using limited resources. For this reason alone, many church leadership team members can begin to dread what will happen when the time comes to put together a plan, and then put that plan into action.


Engaging Your Non-Profit’s Audience


We’re sure you’ve been there before, nonprofit leaders. Standing in front of a room full of board members struggling to keep their attention as you work through your meeting’s agenda. Or worse, speaking with donors who seem uninterested in your nonprofit’s work and the need for donations.