Older Church Members On The Move


In recent years, older generations, understandably, have been slower to adopt technological advancements when compared to younger generations. Despite their more cautious move into the online realm, more and more seniors are finding themselves online equipped with email addresses and social profiles. According to the Pew Research Center, six in ten seniors now go online.


How Can Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Change Your Organization’s Giving?


Many of your nonprofit’s most dedicated donors have an established presence online through social sites and personal blogs. With the increase of personal mobile devices users have the ability to spend the majority of their day online. Because of this, e-giving Powered by NCS Services has responded by creating an easily accessible online giving platform for your donors to contribute to your cause.


What Does It Mean To Be Mobile?


You have an active and spiritually-focused church. Not only are your day-to-day activities centered on spreading the word, but so are your fundraising endeavors. With a number of projects and church members to keep track of, it can be difficult for you, as the leader of your church, to stay on top of mass communications with your church family.


The Power Of Data For Your Non-Profit


Understanding the data that you’ve got at your fingertips is just one of the many ways your nonprofit can optimize its efforts in donor retention. When using e-giving Powered by NCS Services, you’ll be able to track your donors’ contributions, and organizational goals, with our extensive reporting suite. At our core, e-giving Powered by NCS Services is committed to helping those who make a difference. In doing so, we strive to provide affordable solutions that increase communication and reduce administrative tasks. With our reporting suite, all of the information you need to know is available and safely stored in a report. Having access to this data is only half the battle, though. It’s what you do with it that counts. Try looking at your data in the following ways to get the most out of the information you’ve gathered.


Optimize Your Organization’s Giving Efforts With Mobile


Your organization’s communication strategies play a key role in your ability to garner donations. If your organization has been ineffective at spreading the word about your its need for donations, it is very likely that you will be unable to meet your giving goals.


Can Webpage Design Affect Your Non-Profit’s Online Donations?


By now we’re sure you’ve heard the facts – online giving is a major source of donations for many nonprofits. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, in 2013 alone, 25 of the world’s largest nonprofits reported receiving more than $10 million dollars (respectively) solely from online gifts. Additionally in 2013, charitable giving grew an average of 13.5% in digital forms. Surprisingly, it’s not just younger donors that have made the move to online donations. According to Dunham And Company, nearly 3 out of 5 donors aged 66 or over make their contributions via web-based donations.


Can Technology Really Help With Kingdom Building?


As hard as we try to break out of the habit, our churches are steeped in tradition. From typical services, to communion, to wedding ceremonies and holiday worship services there are particular protocols many churches adhere to year after year. Because of the long-standing traditions in many of these institutions, churches can be reluctant to enact any change to the standard routine.


Does Your Church Make Giving Difficult?


There are plenty of churches that have resisted the trend to move giving online. Rather than implement an e-giving service to supplement the more traditional offertory forms, they simply stick to tradition which, can yield varying results.


Why Use e-giving In Winter?


With winter comes the typical cold weather, snow and ice synonymous with the season. Though it takes more than a little cold weather to deter the members of your church from filling pews on Sunday mornings, when the weather turns sour it can mean more than just a few empty seats.


Forget the Beach – Convincing Millennials To Volunteer This Spring Break


Spring Break is just around the corner for many colleges and universities around the country. During this time, many millennials will be breaking away from the books and heading for the beach, to escape the dreary winter weather. Though commonly conceptualized as a way to thaw frozen bodies and rest academically drained minds, Spring Break doesn’t always need to be about sunscreen and sand. This Spring Break, why not create a program for millennials to use their free time more constructively? Instead of passively suggesting ways for millennials to get involved, harness their volunteering power while they have the available time to make a difference. The following three steps will get you started to enticing young people to make a difference with their free time.